Wednesday, 13 May 2009


God not only put humans in this world, he also put angels among humans for them to learn. He put His angels here to help us, to make us feel His hands, to tell us not to give up. Further more, God sent His angels here to love us. But sometimes we humans are failed to see, to feel, until God called his angels back, and we are alone now.

The Angel that God has put, doesn’t have wings but can fly, doesn’t glow but has shiny eyes, doesn’t even have angelic face.

He didn’t come with a white dress, but with the orange suit. He didn’t come with a soft image, but with the bold one. He didn’t come with a pair of wings to fly, but with CPL. He didn’t come with flawless body, but with the strong one you’ve ever seen. He didn’t come with a white hello, but with the most ingenious brain you’ll have ever known.

He didn’t fall from the sky, but be born from a lucky woman’s womb. He didn’t talk much, but his smile defines God’s creation. His words are not knives, but cottons that can cover your wounds. His sentences are not his gun to hurt others, but a poem that motivates you. His jokes might not be so funny, but makes you forget your sadness.

He talked to everybody as if everyone was his brother. He greeted old people as if they’re all his parents. He teased little children as if they were friends. He smiled to all humans as if we humans were kind.

We judge each other in this world, but he didn’t. He replied all bad words with smile, He paid back all good deeds with the better ones. He responded mistakes with prayers.

Once you noticed him you talked to him, forever you’ll keep him in your mind. Once you know him, forever you’ll realize such a generous heart he has. Once you smiled to him, then you’re gonna see a beautiful smile you’ll never forget. Once you stare at him, you are gonna wonder how God’s made those shiny eyes. Once you mess up with him, forever you are going to understand that fight is not always the answer. Once you’re in trouble, gladly he helped you with his hands. Once you forgot to say thank you, he would never mind as he never asked any return. Once he flown away, suddenly you will understand that you just have known an angel.

“Dear God, thank you for giving a chance to know an angel. Thank you for sending me him for a while so I can change. I would never ask WHY for that very little time you gave me, for that unspoken words, and for those dreams that are not coming true. I would just ask: if I could have another chance to do it all over again, I promise I would be so much better, and I would never pass any chance to show the love that I have.”