Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Five Little Monkeys

Five little monkeys, jumping on the bed.
One fell down and bumped his head.
Mama called the doctor, the doctor said
No more monkey jumping on the bed!

Four little monkeys, jumping on the bed.
One fell down and bumped his head.
Mama called the doctor, the doctor said
No more monkey jumping on the bed!

Three little monkeys, jumping on the bed.

Two little monkeys, jumping….

One little monkey…………….

No more monkey jumping on the bed!

This funny poem is read by so many little children in the world. One of them is my cousin, Daniel, 4 years old. He comes visit me almost every Sunday with his family. At home, we talk, laugh, sing, and sometimes watch: Dora the explorer, SpongeBob sometimes, Thomas few times, or Barney.

Last week, no watching, no singing, but reading the poem. He read it over and over. As I listened to it, I started to think why these monkeys could not learn from others. For example, the first monkey fell down, and the doctor said ‘no more monkeys jumping on the bed’, but why the second one, jumped, and finally bumped his head too, so there were three left. And the third one did exactly the same thing, and got the same thing too. It happened over and over, until none’s left on the bed.

I realized somehow, the poem is talking about us. About how we people can not learn from the others. How we ignore the suggest from other people. Just like monkey who kept jumping even the doctor suggested not to do so. It’s so funny how we live in the vicious cycle. We keep doing others’ mistake instead avoiding to do so.

The young beautiful Indonesian artist showed that thing. Thousands drug dealers and users out there are punished. And she refused to see, to learn from them. Jakarta people also refused to see Semarang and Aceh people for they annual flood. We keep throw the rubbish everywhere, and build as many shopping centre as it could. So when February comes, here we are Jakarta: “get your boot and lifebuoy and rubber boat. Jakarta somehow turns into bikini bottom (where spongebob lives with his friends).”

I don’t have to give longer explanation about the examples, because everyday as we walk to the office, as we drive on the road, as we sit on the bus, we see some regular mistakes are being done over and over. We have eyes, but we refuse to see, have ears but refuse to listen, have mind but refuse to learn.

If the second monkey on the poem used his ears to listened to the doctor and stayed calm, there would be four monkeys left (even more, if two of them were in love and decided to have kids). So the poem would be read like this:
Five little monkeys, jumping on the bed
One fell down and bumped his head
Mama called the doctor, the doctor said
No more monkey jumping on the bed!

Four little monkeys jumping on the bed
One said “hey, don’t do something like that!
remember the doctor and what he said.
Here we are now sitting on the bed.

Four little monkeys sitting on the bed
They discuss all things they had,
Remembered their old pall who has passed
And decided do something great.

So, we pick: Are we little monkeys on the poem, who keep doing others’ mistake? Or can we use our eyes, ears, and mind to inspire others for not doing the same mistake?
See, listen, analyze, and learn from others.

Thanks to my Daniel and his five little monkeys.

Daniel captured his face after reading the poem

Sunday, 2 November 2008


Is it the effect of global warming?
Or the pole of my heart is melted by you
Is it because the ozone we’re lacking?
Cause your strange smile effects me directly to the heart.
Is it because of the sound pollution,
Or my ears keep hearing your voice?
Is it because the trees rarely exist in the city,
that you’re the only beautiful thing I see?
Is it the gravitation,Or is it you, who make me fall….

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

3 Tales Princess

This week, I met my three princess in the Disney’s live show at Istora Senayan. They are Snow White, Cinderella, and Belle from Beauty and The Beast. As I saw them dancing and singing together with the other Disney’s characters, I discovered three philosophies from each fairy tales.

Snow White, who lived with the seven ‘wacky’ dwarfs, was never frown for what she’s got. Her mother wanted to kill her(just because her fair beauty), she stuck up with seven unhandsome little guys, and she had to do all the cleaning and dishing in that dusty tiny house. This is what I call as be thankful. There was nothing in her life seemed to be positive. But Snow White sang all the time and gladly loved the seven wacky man. How bout us? Do we ever be thankful when our life seems to be so down? Why do we protest all the time?

Cinderella’s story is about her dreams and some people who just wanted to ruin it away. Her dream is dancing with the prince charming at the ball. She did everything to go there, including prepare her sisters’ needs and do all her mom’s orders. But her step family gave her a lot of duty just to keep her away from the ball. But somehow, she did. She went to the ball and danced with the Prince Charming. If you can still remember Cinderella’s song: ……No matter what your heart is bleeding if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true…. So that’s all the Cinderella about. Who ever wanted to ruin your dream, just don’t let them. And keep believing in what you believe.

Belle, she has done a great sacrifice for his father. She replaced her father to be punished by the beast. In this fairy tale, I saw a brave woman who can do everything. She didn’t think about herself could be eaten by the beast. I just admire this beautiful young woman who never put herself first in everything. I also admire herself for her passion to books.

So from these three Princess whom I like since I was little, I can learn so many things. I watched their movies when I was four, and couldn’t stop admiring their beauty. And when I grow up, I don’t stop praise these three princess for the philosophies they give.

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Never Give Up! (My Laskar Pelangi, the steel and the sword)

After seeing Laskar Pelangi with some friends, we talked about this movie at the restaurant. If those kids in the movie had to get through a long long way to get the school, We had to get through a long long journey just to find out that “They” (he in plural form) are not into us.

My gals had been through so many things with men just to find out that these ingenious creatures are taken or simply not into them. We were once so depressed about what do people call as a broken heart. But for us now, what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger. We delivered the message of a broken heart as a message of moving on. And we simply translate the words ‘moving on’ as an action to get a so much better life. The bleeding hearts are covered up with thick bandages that we call friendship. And the bruise can only be cured with a plate of super banana split.

We see ourselves as steel, and those experiences are the steps of making sword. A steel has to be hit, punched, to be thrown to the fire, until it gets a perfect shapes and sharp enough to cut all things. Same with us. We need to pass the hard things to be stronger. But what if the steel is taken when the process is being done? The steel wont ever be a sword. Never!

The conclusion is, we just can’t give up in our hard days. Because somehow, hard days lead us to the brighter ones. The hits, punches, and the bruise form us into a beautiful shape. So the broken heart, the tears, could transform us into a strong beautiful woman, as long as we don’t give up in our hard days. If the kids in the movie didn’t give up to get themselves education, we shouldn’t give up either to educate ourselves in domain of love and life.

Whatever your problems now, either your boyfriend left you, your boss fired you, or your perfect man suddenly disappeared, just Never Give Up!

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Are Men SUPER HERO? (Hit and Go Attitude)

I bet we know all about Super Hero. Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Hulk, Wolverine, The Flash, Wonder Woman, etc. We might be dreaming about being one of them when we were a little. Those dream or imagination help us to get out of our hard days. Once when I got bully by my school bus’ friends, I imagined myself as wonder woman, so I could beat them up. But the fact, my mom told them to stop bothering me (I was kinda shame that time). And after that day, they left me alone.

My friend, always dreamt being a Batman so he can go out at night with the sophisticated metallic black car. Cause all he wanted to do was just go out when his father arrived at home. Well that’s the job of super hero. They help kids ran away a moment from their grey childhood’s reality.

But you know what isn’t good about being a super hero? They just never have a life. Like Superman who went to krypton for several years and left Louis without explanation. Like Batman who just never have a girlfriend, Spiderman who could never made a good report for the newspaper, and Hancock who is not meant to be with the one he loves. Well, they’re all missing in action. They did something good to somebody (read:woman) and disappeared cause of their secret duty.

What I want to say (ask) here is a question, whether all men are superhero? They did something to us, then disappeared. Some of them left us without explanation-after all the things we’ve done- (just like Superman), some of them just never make good reason (like Spiderman), and some of them told us that it’s better to go away (just like Hancock), cause they say they just hurt us.

Have you ever had a moment with a man then suddenly he disappeared? You women would spent most of your times thinking what’s wrong with you, what made him go away, and you’d try really hard to understand his mind and his way of thinking. (Some of the case, the man would come back after missing in action, called you as nothing happened, and the called usually be done at night. )

Men, they say they come from Mars and we, women, come from Venus. That’s why people say that men and women just never get in one same point of view, especially in love. But could somebody explain me what’s happened with this ‘hit and go’ attitude? Why men pretend like they can’t have a life? (like they have so many business outhere that we can’t understand). Do men think they’re superhero?

So who are you guys, are you Superhero? You love us but the duty call always come first.. or you are just a superhero who help us women ran away a moment from our bad reality.. Or you just bad people, a thief, who are irresponsable? Give us explanation instead of run away...
(inspired by and dedicated to all women and their super nero, ups, super hero)

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Fall in Love?

I woke up this morning with a hurt on my head. I fell from my bed. When I told my mom about this: “Mom, I was falling” she replied: ”falling in love?” as she folded the newspaper in her hand. “Never mind.” I said.

Today I spent some few times looking for the definition of falling. The definition of falling is coming down freely under the influence of gravity ( Other person says that falling is a movement due to gravity. Isaac Newton taught us so. I believe that it’s the gravitation that makes me fell from my bed, but who makes me fall in love? is it the person? Or the gravitation? That stupid question popped in my head. I googled the word gravity, and look what I found: the force of attraction between all masses in the universe; especially the attraction of the earth's mass for bodies near its surface . Gravitation is a natural phenomenon by which all objects with mass attract each other, and is one of the fundamental forces of physics.

So fall in love, does gravitation make us fall in love? I don’t know if the rule of gravity is exist in our hearts. But the rule of attraction speaks loud in domain of fall in love. We use to be attracted first, before we fall in love. From what I’ve got, and from what I’ve thought, I assume that everyone has their own gravitation that makes another’s heart falls. Some people has the gravitation on their looks, some on their brain, some on their body, some on their cash, some on their reputation, some on their things, and some on their heart. If fall in love connects with these kind of gravitation, so which one attracts you the best?

The gravitation on looks attracts me the most, but sometimes it lets me down.
The gravitation on heart attracts me the best, it never let me down. Too bad, it doesn’t come easily…

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

I see it through my bathroom door

My bathroom door was locked this morning. I don’t know how did it happen or who did it, but it gave me such a big influence. I suddenly realized that a simple daily activity that we called “take a shower” is a big thing for me.

Let me tell you first about this bathroom. It is not too big, but it’s quite comfortable. It has two sides, the dry side and the wet side. The dry side is for the closet, and the wet one is for the shower. The shampoos and soaps are arranged neatly on a little glass shelf beside the shower, the dustbin is placed beside the clean ivory closet, and the colour of all the things in the bathroom are match each other. There, I can sing, I can dance, even write a blog. Finally I can tell you that it’s one of the inspiring places for me. I sometimes get my idea or decide something important as I have my private shower time.

Everyday, I usually start my day in the bathroom. As I take a shower in the morning, I think about my whole schedule for the day and arrange it carefully. And as I get home from my damn tiring activities, I usually use my bathroom not only for taking a shower, but also for having a private ‘me’ time after facing and meeting people all day long. So when its door is locked up, it somehow lock my head, my body, and my soul.

I couldn’t resist how I miss the feeling of the falling water from the shower, the smell of the camomile soap, and the fresh of the anti-dandruff mint shampoo. I couldn’t stop thinking about my self naked, pure and wet, standing under the hanging shower. At 8 pm tonight, a key man came to my house just when I was about to leave for a meeting. He magically opened my bathroom’s door and my heart shouted: God bless the key man! I suddenly loved to ran directly to my bathroom, but the meeting was waiting for me.

Finally, I took a shower at 11 pm, just right after I had arrived home. This time, I enjoyed every moment with water, soap, and the sponge. I thank God that He has made water, and He has also made Anita Roddick, the inventor of Body shop with her harmless environmentally soap. I also thank God for giving us Mr. J.F Brondel who invented the idea of a modern bathroom.

Somehow this experience made me value things I had never counted before. I discovered the true meaning of “taking a bath” and how important is the shower activity for me. One thing for sure, how important is the water that God's given us freely, without charge. We should be thankful for this.
Hmph, this is stupid, but I can tell you that I can see it all through my bathroom door :)
Now tell me, what can you see through your door...

Thursday, 14 August 2008

WHY Do We Need Some Bad Situations

It’s started when your life is getting down, and your weight is getting up. I need myself to have some arguments why do I have to live just the way I want it to be. It’s easy to answer since everybody also wants to have a perfect life. Just imagine what could you ask more when you’re alive, have a boyfriend, and work in a excellent company with the dream position. It’s like everything so perfect, so well planned. But it doesn’t happen to me anyway.

Well, I just graduated from university, and all I’m asking is working as a writer. For your information I am jobless, loveless and unstable. I stay at home everyday, hang out with friends on week end and working as a part time teacher in a course centre three hours a week. Basicly, you can see why I said on the first line that my life is getting down and my weight is getting up.

I am looking for a job as a writer, and too bad they always want a person with plenty of experiences while all I can offer is just a stupid idea. They don’t like my words, my line. I think I can get it why the position is not coming to me. I am not that able to speak up more, to find better words, better idea or a better analogy than everyone else in the test room. I am not able to write the way they want me to.

I spent few hours today thinking about why I have to live a life just the way that I don’t want it to be. Why I have to work not as a writer and be happy with it. Why I have to live without a boyfriend and be fine with it, and why I have to get through the rain, the storm, the quake, and be able to stand still. Why can’t I give up.

As I remind my sleep over time with my eighteen years old cousin yesterday, I recall the way she acts and talks about her current life. I remember how afraid she was for being late for a freahmeats gathering at university (which somehow you call it stupid when you’re already in fourth smester), how na├»ve her vision about love she’s just had with her boyfriend, and how she hasn’t realized that sex is different with love. I’d like to tell her that so many bad people outhere with bad things in their hands that she hasn’t found and known yet. There are also as well so many useless activities outhere that she hasn’t recognized yet. I’d like to tell her everything, but I think I wouldn’t. I let her know it by herself, I let her get through what I’d been through. I can not skip her lesson and tell her what to do so she wouldn’t fall for same mistakes that I made. Cause she won’t get anything if she’s not hurt, if she’s always right, if she knows what she’s gonna face. Somehow I just shuted my mouth and listened to her, while my heart was saying “she says that cause that’s all she’s learned so far”.

Since experiences influence your ability to act and to speak, I realize why do I have to live just the way I don’t want it to be. Why do I have to have some bad times in my life. The more trouble you get, the more things come out from your mouth. (More books you read, more words are in your mind.) More storm, more rain, more quake you’ve been through, more story could come out from your mouth. So now, I need those bad times, I need those unstable moments to be able to speak up, to make my story. And if I have to work not as a writer right now (or for several times in the future), it’s a time to learn, so I can speak more later either in my column or in my article.

So how bout you, how do you see the bad times in your life...?

Monday, 28 July 2008

Deal with a 'Heartbreaker

Have you ever had a heartbreaker? I bet everybody has. And how do you deal with them? Do you leave them? Or revenge them? But what if the heartbreaker is your best friend? What are you gonna do? Will you leave them? Or still make a friend with them?

The biggest broken heart’s moment in my life was made by my best friend. That time, I was having my biggest fear, that was: if my best friend has a girlfriend. Then it happened. That’s how he broke my heart.

I left him with a hope that I would find a new life. But things were not so much better. I couldn’t keep myself thinking about him when I was down. I lost my best friend, but I didn’t lose the feeling. That time I realized that I was running away. I was running away from my biggest fear, from my phobia.

From what I’ve known, we can cure our phobia by doing what we call as ‘little by little’. So, I decided that I want to cure mine. I decided to face my biggest fear instead of run away. And I hope by facing it, it will soon fade away.

So I woke up in the morning and decided to make a friend with my forever heartbreaker: yes, my best friend. I called him and we started our new relationship. Yes, a friendly relation. I talked to him about the feelings I had for him, and he explained me about what was going on back days. It felt releave.

Point one, accomplished. Talked about what’s in your heart for good. I felt no ashamed to tell him all the stupid things I did when I was in my deep depression. Well, he knew my version and that’s how we built our new relation. But what’s next? How could I know if my phobia has cured or not? Well, he has no girlfriend right now, but I’m hoping soon he will. I’d like to check my phobia, but what if it hasn’t cured yet?

I started to ask him out just to meet or catch some movies. We did, but everytime we met, it took me two hours for feeling mello and think about what was going on. I replayed the scenes, and I found I’m still a lil bit in love with him.

I don’t know what this thing people call love, but I gave my heart once to this person (he didn’t ask, I just gave it away) and it’s still in his hand. I think I’m on my way to get it back. I’m just not sure whether I’d taken it back, or I’m taking it back, but I have faith that I will take it back.

Two hours mello is just seen as a progress for me. If it had taken me forever to get over this person, then now it just needs two hours. And plus, I don’t need to get over this lovely person, I just need to accept the situation, and deal with it. How do I deal with it? By facing it and living with it. So dear best friend, whenever you like to have a girlfriend or a wife maybe, I won’t go anywhere. I’m just gonna be there, and face it.
And I think that’s how I will say goodbye to my phobia. =)

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Jembatan Cinta Jakarta Selatan

Sepasang high heels hitam mungil menuntun saya menyusuri sebuah jembatan penyeberangan di kawasan Jakarta Selatan. Tas hitam senada yang tergantung di pundak berayun seirama dengan langkah kaki saya. Ada banyak orang berlalu lalang di sana. Pria, wanita, tua, muda, maupun anak-anak, berjalan di atas jembatan yang terbuat dari besi baja. Jembatan itu juga dipenuhi dengan berbagai aktivitas. Ada yang sedang merokok, berjualan, mengobrol, sampai berlari kecil terburu-buru, dan semuanya dilakukan di atas jembatan itu. Uniknya, selama kaki kecil saya bergegas menyusuri kurang lebih 36 meter hamparan besi melayang itu, saya dapat melihat lima jenis cinta.

Cinta pertama yang saya lihat berada di anak tangga ketiga.Jenis cinta itu adalah cinta pada diri sendiri. Saya terjebak di antara pertemuan dua arus. Arus turun dan arus naik. Orang-orang berdesak-sedakan, berebut antara mereka yang mau naik, dan mereka yang hendak turun. Bahu-bahu saling berhimpitan, tidak ada satu pun manusia yang saling melempar senyum. Semuanya berdesak-desak ingin segera naik ataupun turun. Tidak ada yang mau mengalah, apalagi memberikan jalan pada mereka yang berjalan berlawanan. Pemuda-pemudi yang berjalan sambil merokok menambah polusi udara, setelah polusi suara yang timbul akibat bunyi derap langkah kaki para pengguna jembatan penyebrangan yang tidak seirama. Tidak ada yang peduli bahwa sekedar merokok, ataupun meludahkan permen karet dapat merugikan orang di sekitarnya. Yang mereka pedulikan hanyalah bagaimana MENCAPAI TEMPAT TUJUAN.

Akhirnya saya berhasil menaiki tangga tersebut dan sampai di atas jembatan sepanjang 36 meter itu. Tepat di pojok jembatan, ada seorang ibu peminta-minta yang duduk di atas hamparan koran yang sudah lecek halamannya. Di antara lalu lalang orang, Ia duduk tenang menyusui anaknya. Si bayi mungil tampak rakus melahap susu sang Ibu. Tangan si Ibu membelai-belai kepala anaknya, sambil mulutnya mendendangkan sebuah lagu yang sayup-sayup terdengar di telinga saya. Ini juga cinta, pikir saya. Cinta yang teramat besar, yaitu cinta ibu kepada anak.

Sepuluh meter sudah si sepatu hitam membawa saya pergi meninggalkan ibu pengemis dengan bayinya. Saya berjalan melewati lapak-lapak para penjual segala jenis barang. Dari kaos, CD, gambar tempel, poster, perhiasan warna perak dan servis tindik, bikin tato, sampai alat kebutuhan rumah tangga ada. Wah, ada juga orang yang berjualan di atas jembatan, kata saya terkesima dalam hati. Apalagi melihat berbagai jenis barang dan jasa yang ditawarkan, tak pernah sedikit pun terpikirkan oleh saya. Para pedagang itu menawarkan barang dagangannya dengan berbagai cara. Ada yang berteriak-teriak memanggil pelanggan sambil menyebutkan berbagai keunggulan produknya, ada juga yang menulis diskon 50% diatas barang dagangannya. Beberapa ibu-ibu dan gadis muda yang lewat di situ memeluk tas mereka erat-erat. Yah, cinta akan uang, akan barang dan harta yang dimiliki. Cinta itu sama-sama dimiliki baik oleh mereka yang lewat, maupun oleh mereka yang berdagang.

Tepat di tengah-tengah jembatan, saya berpapasan dengan sepasang manusia, pria dan wanita, yang berjalan bergandengan tangan. Mereka saling tersenyum dan saling menatap satu dengan lainnya. Langkah mereka tidak terburu-buru, warna baju cerah yang dikenakan menambah ceria aura pasangan itu. Kecupan kecil mendarat di atas kening sang wanita, dan ia pun tersenyum malu sambil menatap pasangannya. Tanpa banyak berpikir, ya, inilah jenis cinta yang keempat. Cinta pada lawan jenis. Perasaan nyaman yang datang ketika sedang bersamanya, dimana pun kita berada. Saya ingin melemparkan senyum pada pasangan yang berbahagia itu, tapi sepertinya mereka tidak menghiraukan keberadaan saya, mereka asik dengan dunia merah mudanya.

Saya akhirnya sampai di ujung jembatan penyeberangan. Tepat disudut perbatasan antara jembatan dan tangga, seorang bapak tua penjual cermin sedang menata barang dagangannya. Saya melihat bayangan diri saya di cermin itu. Sambil mulai menuruni tangga yang untungnya kali ini tidak disesaki orang, saya baru sadar ada satu jenis cinta lagi yang terdapat di sepanjang jembatan itu. Cinta bertepuk sebelah tangan.=)

(Pernah tersadar, cinta jenis apa yang anda miliki dalam perjalanan menuju ke sebuah tempat?)

Friday, 11 July 2008

Angin Jakarta

Akhir Juni, 2008

Jakarta berangin hari ini. Hembusan anginnya yang membawa debu menerpa wajah saya. Mata saya dimasuki debu-debu halus yang berasal dari jalan raya. Sambil berusaha melindungi mata dari terpaan debu, Saya berlari kecil menyusuri jalan perumahan menuju rumah. Langkah Saya melambat saat melewati kios penjual koran. Rupanya kasus korupsi seorang anggota DPR yang berkenaan dengan prostitusi kembali menjadi sorotan media cetak. Tidak sempat saya baca headlinenya, tapi yang pasti wajah anggota DPR suami penyanyi dangdut itu, terpampang menghiasi cover depan tabloid gosip. Sayup-sayup terdengar di telinga saya lagu romantis berbahasa Indonesia yang sampai saat ini belum diketahui jelas siapa penciptanya. Gosipnya, sang pencipta yang sekaligus menyanyikan lagu tersebut, telah mati bunuh diri karena cinta. Barang siapa yang mendengarkan lagu itu di malam hari, akan menemui ajal, setidaknya begitulah yang saya dengar dari dua orang anak SMA ketika saya sedang mengantri ATM beberapa hari yang lalu.

Sampai di rumah, saya langsung membuka laptop dan memeriksa kotak surat elektronik. Iseng-iseng saya googling lagu pengantar ajal itu. Lebih dari seratus entry yang muncul di layar komputer. Setiap artikel dalam blog sites anak-anak remaja mengatakan hal yang sama tentang lagu itu, bahkan ada yang memberikan kesaksian tentang kebenaran penjemputan ajal setelah mendengarkannya. Situs yang cukup terpercaya menampilkan sebuah artikel yang mengatakan bahwa lagu sederhana itu menjadi terkenal berkaitan dengan unsur cerita mistisnya yang tersebar baik lewat internet, maupun dari mulut ke mulut. CD bajakan yang memuat lagu mistis itu laku keras di pasaran. Menurut sebuah testimonial seorang penjual CD bajakan, dalam sehari Ia berhasil menjual lebih dari 100 keping CD tersebut. Di situs lain, Saya membaca artikel puluhan orang ataupun grup band, yang mengklaim lagu mistis ini sebagai lagu ciptaannya. Gosip di balik lagu cinta tersebut menjadi faktor utama penggerak keberhasilan lagu ini dipasaran, padahal jika kita dengarkan, lagu ini tidak ada bedanya dengan lagu-lagu cinta band manapun juga yang ada di Indonesia. Well, nampaknya angin yang berhembus di Jakarta, tidak hanya membawa debu dan menerpa wajah para pejalan kaki, tetapi juga membawa gosip mistis dan menerpa ratusan calon pembeli CD bajakan lagu mistis yang tidak jelas siapa penciptanya.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008


Tidak ada yang spesial tentang saya hari ini. Semua orang punya kesibukannya masing-masing. Harusnya saya juga, tapi saya lebih memilih untuk tidak sibuk dan bersantai. Saya ingin memanjakan diri, tapi sayangnya konsep manja saya kali ini berhubungan dengan eksistensi orang lain, dan sekali lagi saya katakan: ”semua orang sedang punya kesibukan masing-masing sekarang.” Intinya, kemauan saya untuk bermanja-manja ria tidak bisa terlaksana. Tambah lagi, saya merasa saya berjalan melawan arus. Ketika semua orang sedang sibuk, punya hal-hal lain untuk dikerjakan, saya malah mual dengan segala macam pekerjaan. Saya merasa ingin berhenti dan menikmati hidup, padahal pekerjaan adalah hidup saya selama ini.

Konon, ada di umur 20an bukanlah hal yang mudah. Saya gunakan kata ”konon” karena itu bukanlah line ataupun teori saya. Saya cuma orang yang kena dampak dari teori itu dan pada akhirnya mengutip pernyataan tersebut untuk menjelaskan keadaan diri. Ketika saya merasa tidak lebih beruntung dari orang lain dan merasa eksistensi diri menyusut dengan ketidakhadiran beberapa unsur dalam keseharian saya. Saya seperti melayang dan pura-pura tidak tahu apa yang saya inginkan. Seperti biasa, perkataan para wanita pada teman dekatnya yang wanita pula: “gue gak tahu apa yang gue mau sebenernya.” Dengan gaya bicara yang dibuat sedikit bingung tapi terdengar kuat dan tidak sedang depresi. Masak, orang tidak tahu apa yang mereka mau? Sejak kapan manusia tidak bisa mendengar suara hati mereka yang berteriak-berteriak begitu banyak? Manusia selalu punya keinginan. Meskipun keinginan mereka terkadang begitu banyak dan seringkali bertentangan, tapi setidaknya mereka pasti tahu (at least) satu hal yang mereka inginkan.

Sebagai wanita yang dalam 365hari x 2 menjadi seperempat abad, saya memiliki keinginan untuk bercinta. Bercinta bukan dalam arti hubungan fisik yang mendalam serta super extravaganza bersama seorang lawan jenis (ya, itu juga sih..), tapi bercinta dalam arti memiliki pasangan jiwa, itu yang lebih penting. Kembaran rasa mungkin kata yang lebih tepat, kalau pasangan jiwa terasa cukup berat untuk dikatakan diumur saya yang sekarang ini (setidaknya cukup berat bagi saya yang sulit berkomitmen tingkat tinggi dalam hal berhubungan). Kembaran rasa, ketika kita merasa bahwa selalu ada seseorang yang merasakan hal yang sama dengan apa yang kita rasakan. Mereka mencoba untuk berempati dan perasaan nyaman itu datang. Perasaan diakui bahwa kita juga memiliki perasaan. Perasaan diakui dan dianggap penting eksistensinya untuk dunia ini. Setidaknya untuk seseorang. Hal-hal itulah yang terkadang melengkapi semen pembangun self-esteem seorang wanita.

Self-esteem saya dipertanyakan untuk sesaat ini. Keadaan tiba-tiba membuat saya merasa diciutkan eksistensinya terhadap dunia. Itu karena semua kembaran rasa saya mungkin sedang sibuk sekarang. See? Ketika saya ingin bermanja ria, mereka sibuk entah kemana, dan jeleknya terkadang mereka datang secara bersamaan dan membuat saya mati bingung untuk memilih. Sibuk mengurusi urusan mereka masing-masing, membuat saya mempertanyakan eksistensi saya disini. Ya, inilah komplikasi pikiran seorang wanita ditengah umur 20-an. Kembali lagi saya katakan, konon berada di usia 20an tidak mudah, dan lagi-lagi saya hanya seseorang yang terkena dampak darinya dan mengutip kalimat tersebut untuk menjelaskan keadaan diri.

Get A Toy!

Is having a man perfect for a woman’s life?

I used not to think so until I realize all of my friends have one and they get busy with that. I find myself as a loner. For simple thing, they can’t just being there like they did. They can’t talk for some hours on the phone, go for some coffee time, or shopping. Not that bad actually, but we have to set up the times for sure. It’s not just a simple spontaneous lovely thing anymore. Do they lose their spontaneous, or they just do it with other people right now?

Well I was enjoying my single life, and now, I think I’m still enjoying it fifty percent. It’s just somehow I feel I need my friends to enjoy these craziness, and they can’t be there. But why do I have to depend on them? Can’t I enjoying it myself? K, that’s the point, I think I should find myself a boyfriend. Well not exactly, but at least a new toy. “Toy” I mean. Wasn’t it what you did when you’re a little? When you got no friends, alone, you just go and play with your toy. It could be a doll, a skipping rope, or a swing in your backyard. Well this time, I just need a toy. Get no friends around me, I think I’m going to find myself a ‘toy’ whom I can treat like a doll, make me sweat like a jumping rope, and who can make me ‘almost fly’ like a swing.

The question is, why do I prefer find a toy instead of a man, a boyfriend? I Think just find one just like my friends do, but it’s not that simple, considering finding a boyfriend for me, is same like finding a perfect shoes. He must look good on you, fit in you, has good materials, and the most important thing, he doesn’t hurt your feet. Right, now I’m telling you. In this big city just like Jakarta, whom everyone says just never sleeps, sometimes those twentieth something guys sleep or are in coma so they can’t see us ladies, single ladies. Some of them are taken, some of them spend their time with the wrongs ones, and some of them are just made to be a gay, our best friend, and the rest, they just being so chicken to face a life. So, while we’re sight seeing and waiting for them to wake up, why bother find a toy to entertain ourselves and to kill time. So whatcha’ prefer, just wait, or go find a toy? It might be interesting.