Tuesday, 7 October 2008

3 Tales Princess

This week, I met my three princess in the Disney’s live show at Istora Senayan. They are Snow White, Cinderella, and Belle from Beauty and The Beast. As I saw them dancing and singing together with the other Disney’s characters, I discovered three philosophies from each fairy tales.

Snow White, who lived with the seven ‘wacky’ dwarfs, was never frown for what she’s got. Her mother wanted to kill her(just because her fair beauty), she stuck up with seven unhandsome little guys, and she had to do all the cleaning and dishing in that dusty tiny house. This is what I call as be thankful. There was nothing in her life seemed to be positive. But Snow White sang all the time and gladly loved the seven wacky man. How bout us? Do we ever be thankful when our life seems to be so down? Why do we protest all the time?

Cinderella’s story is about her dreams and some people who just wanted to ruin it away. Her dream is dancing with the prince charming at the ball. She did everything to go there, including prepare her sisters’ needs and do all her mom’s orders. But her step family gave her a lot of duty just to keep her away from the ball. But somehow, she did. She went to the ball and danced with the Prince Charming. If you can still remember Cinderella’s song: ……No matter what your heart is bleeding if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true…. So that’s all the Cinderella about. Who ever wanted to ruin your dream, just don’t let them. And keep believing in what you believe.

Belle, she has done a great sacrifice for his father. She replaced her father to be punished by the beast. In this fairy tale, I saw a brave woman who can do everything. She didn’t think about herself could be eaten by the beast. I just admire this beautiful young woman who never put herself first in everything. I also admire herself for her passion to books.

So from these three Princess whom I like since I was little, I can learn so many things. I watched their movies when I was four, and couldn’t stop admiring their beauty. And when I grow up, I don’t stop praise these three princess for the philosophies they give.