Saturday, 27 September 2008

Never Give Up! (My Laskar Pelangi, the steel and the sword)

After seeing Laskar Pelangi with some friends, we talked about this movie at the restaurant. If those kids in the movie had to get through a long long way to get the school, We had to get through a long long journey just to find out that “They” (he in plural form) are not into us.

My gals had been through so many things with men just to find out that these ingenious creatures are taken or simply not into them. We were once so depressed about what do people call as a broken heart. But for us now, what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger. We delivered the message of a broken heart as a message of moving on. And we simply translate the words ‘moving on’ as an action to get a so much better life. The bleeding hearts are covered up with thick bandages that we call friendship. And the bruise can only be cured with a plate of super banana split.

We see ourselves as steel, and those experiences are the steps of making sword. A steel has to be hit, punched, to be thrown to the fire, until it gets a perfect shapes and sharp enough to cut all things. Same with us. We need to pass the hard things to be stronger. But what if the steel is taken when the process is being done? The steel wont ever be a sword. Never!

The conclusion is, we just can’t give up in our hard days. Because somehow, hard days lead us to the brighter ones. The hits, punches, and the bruise form us into a beautiful shape. So the broken heart, the tears, could transform us into a strong beautiful woman, as long as we don’t give up in our hard days. If the kids in the movie didn’t give up to get themselves education, we shouldn’t give up either to educate ourselves in domain of love and life.

Whatever your problems now, either your boyfriend left you, your boss fired you, or your perfect man suddenly disappeared, just Never Give Up!

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Are Men SUPER HERO? (Hit and Go Attitude)

I bet we know all about Super Hero. Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Hulk, Wolverine, The Flash, Wonder Woman, etc. We might be dreaming about being one of them when we were a little. Those dream or imagination help us to get out of our hard days. Once when I got bully by my school bus’ friends, I imagined myself as wonder woman, so I could beat them up. But the fact, my mom told them to stop bothering me (I was kinda shame that time). And after that day, they left me alone.

My friend, always dreamt being a Batman so he can go out at night with the sophisticated metallic black car. Cause all he wanted to do was just go out when his father arrived at home. Well that’s the job of super hero. They help kids ran away a moment from their grey childhood’s reality.

But you know what isn’t good about being a super hero? They just never have a life. Like Superman who went to krypton for several years and left Louis without explanation. Like Batman who just never have a girlfriend, Spiderman who could never made a good report for the newspaper, and Hancock who is not meant to be with the one he loves. Well, they’re all missing in action. They did something good to somebody (read:woman) and disappeared cause of their secret duty.

What I want to say (ask) here is a question, whether all men are superhero? They did something to us, then disappeared. Some of them left us without explanation-after all the things we’ve done- (just like Superman), some of them just never make good reason (like Spiderman), and some of them told us that it’s better to go away (just like Hancock), cause they say they just hurt us.

Have you ever had a moment with a man then suddenly he disappeared? You women would spent most of your times thinking what’s wrong with you, what made him go away, and you’d try really hard to understand his mind and his way of thinking. (Some of the case, the man would come back after missing in action, called you as nothing happened, and the called usually be done at night. )

Men, they say they come from Mars and we, women, come from Venus. That’s why people say that men and women just never get in one same point of view, especially in love. But could somebody explain me what’s happened with this ‘hit and go’ attitude? Why men pretend like they can’t have a life? (like they have so many business outhere that we can’t understand). Do men think they’re superhero?

So who are you guys, are you Superhero? You love us but the duty call always come first.. or you are just a superhero who help us women ran away a moment from our bad reality.. Or you just bad people, a thief, who are irresponsable? Give us explanation instead of run away...
(inspired by and dedicated to all women and their super nero, ups, super hero)