Monday, 5 January 2009

Saturday Night With Jakarta

One of the advantages living in Jakarta city is : you don’t need a boyfriend to have a date on Saturday night. You can do everything all alone with your own way. You can have your own fine dinner, catch a movie, or even take a look on some new magazine on a book store.

You also can call up a random friend (or a best friend will make it good), and make a spontaneous plan. Midnight shopping is one of good ways how to spend your fabulous Saturday night. All you have to prepare are Money, cell phone, a high comfortable yet fashionable clothes, and for sure a pair of good shoes (since it will take you to good places too).

Money: it’s the core of your Saturday night’s activity. With cash (please say no to credit cards), you can have variety of activities. For example, first you go for dinner, then you shop and stop for some shot, and continuing your shop (or even just window shop) till you get drop ( I know this rhyme seems so disgusting). Karaoke also seems so okay for your activity. Listening to live music in one fine lounge, window shopping, or a silent coffee time with book, are filling my Saturday nights puurfeectttly.

Cell phone is one of the important things. It will help you to check who’s available that night, to call up some random friends, and to call a cab when you seem so impossible to walk along the road and stop one (for some reason: you might be get drunk, get too full with your meal, or you might lose your energy to lift your new things from the boutique).

A high comfortable yet fashionable clothes will help you to feel better in two ways. First it will go up with you as you walk on the road, as you dance with your own rhyme, as you try on new clothes in a fitting room, and as you have a grand dinner, it will hide your sudden big belly (and make you look skinny). Second, people will never take their eyes off of you since it’s highly in fashion. You will feel so much better since it’s beautiful and painless (for your body).

A pair of good shoes will go with you along your beautiful journey on Saturday night. It wont hurt your feet when you run for the 75% discount in the corner boutique. It wont make you slip as you walk slightly passing a cute guy in a lounge. And it will make you look gorgeous when it’s match with your clothes.

So, there’s no reason you sit alone at your home and doing nothing but cry/ think hard / watch romantic desperate movies/ eat a bucket of chicken wings and ice cream/ spoil your parents’ night (you pick one of these desperate activities) on Saturday night, just because you don’t have a ‘date’ (boyfriend). With money, cell phone, clothes, shoes, and of course the city, you can have a beautiful date on Saturday night.( See? Boyfriend is not the only way to have a date on Saturday night) . Oo I love this city!