Sunday, 9 October 2011

Repost : Brand and ingredients

*This one is written Tuesday, March 16 2010*

Brand and ingredients are two things people concern while buying things. And it seems become two things women concern while finding the ONE.

Brand is a label to name a product, according to oxford dictionary brand is a type of product made by a particular company. Brand in women’s world is a type of a man made by particular tribes, particular culture, particular religion, and particular family. They usually have a particular last name, come from a particular group that your parents join in, and will be a particular perfect image that your mom would love to have as a son in law.

Meanwhile an ingredient is one of the parts that makes something. It is like pancake, the ingredients decide what kind of pancake you make, whether it is too salty, too sweet, or too crispy. Everybody wishes to have a perfect pancake by having flour, sugar, and eggs in right composition. In women’s world, a good ingredient of a man will make a good boyfriend.

Some people took years to realize that what’s under the brand is not as good as it is expected. Some women took six years or more to find out that she’s allergic to her boyfriend’s ingredients. And the interesting one is in the other side. When you find a man so attractive, when you value every second you spend with him, you feel complete every time you are together, and when you find a friend to be with in him. Unfortunately he just doesn’t have the brand.

Ms. I can not tell you has a problem in ingredients while Ms. You know who has a problem with the brand.

I fall in and out of love for this brand and ingredient issues, and so do my friends. Have you?

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