Sunday, 9 October 2011

Repost : Life is a bouquet of flower

This one written on Monday. June 15 2009

Life is like a bouquet of flowers,
You pick the colors and combine it with leaves.
Somehow, you have to pick your favorite color, your favorite flower, so you’ll be glad when you look at it.
But some people chose another color to make their loved one happy.
Some people finally chose common color to match it with others', after had thousands unique colors they discovered.
Some people take every flower in the garden, while some keep searching the kind of flower with the right color for their bouquet.
Some people confuse picking the colors, without realized they’ve skipped the best one in the valley behind the dark mountain.
Some people try to take it all back while the color start to fade and the flower drops its petal.
Whatever the reason, people just want a bouquet of beautiful flower they could be proud of,
While somehow some people even give up to arrange it.

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